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READ THE GAME GUIDE Make sure to read the Game Guide, which has more on the premise, the networking system, and anything else you may need to know in better detail.

KEEP YOUR WANK OUT Shouldn't have to be said, but just in case! Be civil to your fellow players. Keep drama and wank to a minimum, and if there is a serious problem or something you don't know how to handle, please don't disregard tattling! The mods can handle it a lot more quickly and cleanly than you. Also keep in mind that OOC ≠ IC and vice-versa. Just because someone's character is being a jerk to yours doesn't mean the mun has a problem with you. We're all trying to have fun here, so be cool, kids.

Keep in mind that if enough people complain about your behavior for any reason, you can and will be banned. This includes but is not limited to harassment, starting wank, godmodding, or blatant OOC characterization. Just try not to do any of that stuff, alrighty?

POST IN THE RIGHT PLACE All first person interactions will go in the main community, eronum. This includes all text, voice, video, or holographic posts. We'll also allow you to post first person action logs (brackets and what have you) in the main community, but try not to abuse that. Third person, and first person action logs will go in the logging community, eronumlogs. Make sure you fill out the form, located in the profile! And lastly, any OOC matters like introductions, memes, and the like will be posted in eronumooc.

Also worth mentioning is remembering to tag your entries appropriately. This is only really necessary for IC things, but please remember to add your characters' first and last name in the tag line, in Western style. And anything with adult content needs to be under a cut or marked with a warning, just to be considerate.

STAY IN CHARACTER Nobody likes a character who's wildly OOC. Of course, this is a roleplay, where your character is in a situation they might not experience in their canon, but that doesn't excuse OOC behavior. There will be monthly HMD memes so that you may ask for critique - participation is highly encouraged, even if you don't think you need it. You can also ask a cast mate or someone else who knows the canon if you're unsure. However! Don't be afraid to be adventurous with your characters for the sake of staying IC. It's not the end of the world if you're new to the character.

Additionally, we would like to enforce having personal crit posts in each character's journal (or one for all the characters you play, if you'd rather).

BE ACTIVE Another one that probably doesn't need to be said, but just in case. Please don't pick up a character and then squat on them, or only interact with your OTP partner or castmates. There will be monthly activity checks, where you'll need to provide at least two posts of your own (also includes logs). Comment chains in someone else's entry do not count. Again, don't be afraid to be adventurous! We're all here to have fun, and if you're going to cower at interacting with new or unfamiliar people/characters, you probably shouldn't be here at all. Nobody is going to lynch you for being active, seriously.

The character limit is currently four per person, but may raise later. You can play up to two people from the same fandom as long as they do not interact/are not familiar with each other, but we don't generally find it a good idea. It's up to you. Try not to bite off more than you can chew, though!

OCS ARE A POSSIBILITY We're currently considering allowing OCs to apply to the game, depending. If you're interested in apping one, please keep in mind that you will need to be extremely detailed about their application so that we can understand what kind of character you will be playing. Just make sure that you have an accurate PB (try hollow-art if you're not sure where to get one). Any characters that we feel are lacking will be denied.

AVOID FOURTH WALLING Though we may at some point have events or memes where you will be allowed to do this in some fashion, we currently have to disallow characters to break the fourth wall ICly - that is, telling other characters that they are fictional and the like. If you are playing a character who fourth walls in their canon, try to change it around so that you're only... well, indirectly fourth walling them! Instead of saying "Hey, you're that character from a comic," try saying, "Hey, you're like that character from a comic." Change names around, be creative, and make sure you run things by the other player first, just in case.

POWERS ARE ENABLED Any powers, abilities, special weapons, and whatever your character may have in canon are still functioning here. There are two things to keep in mind, though. The first is do not godmod any other character for any reason. This is especially applicable to god-tier characters and people who can control minds or manipulate others. Please make sure to get permission from the other player before you take any action, even when conducting a fight scene or something. It's possible to attack and destroy NPCs/the city, but... well, that brings us to point number two: this is a big city, with law enforcement and commonplace people. Busting out some crazy powers or brandishing a seven-foot sword will likely get you shot down or arrested. And if it's a really big deal, you may even cause a mass panic. If you plan on doing some heavy damage, talk to a mod first to okay it.

ADHERE TO DEATH CONSEQUENCES So, you killed off your character. Tsk! Bear in mind that there is a price to pay for that. You'll have to sit a day out each time your character is killed, and your character will have permanent scarring from the event (if shot/stabbed/etc). There's also the fact that the city might flip their tables if they saw you die and suddenly you're back.

For the time being we're going with the stepladder memory loss system; each death will cost you a memory of increasing importance. There is nowhere you need to run this by anyone, but you might make a note in your character's journal or something just in case.

IS THIS AN AU? No. This is original universe with a side of possible original characters, set in an alternate setting. Basically - just like every other RP ever only hopefully not as boring as I made that sound. It's multifandom, so you can apply for any character under the sun, just as they are in canon. While AU would be kind of cool, it's a bit much for us to handle right now, so we aren't allowing any "AU versions/duplicates" of characters at the moment. We will, however, accept doubles in the form of, for example, Final Fantasy characters and their Kingdom Hearts counterparts, and the like.

CAN I APPLY FOR AN ANIMAL? Sure. Just keep in mind that if you apply for something unusual like, say, Stitch from Lilo and Stitch the cityfolk might go 8| at you. Also, there is no particular device or force of nature that will allow animals to speak when face-to-face with another character. There's a translator on the Logos device, but other than that, enjoy your failure to communicate!

WHAT'S THE TECHNOLOGY LIKE? Think of Eronum as present-day Philadelphia and not because that's where the profile picture is from. Maybe even a little more advanced than that. Anything in an American city today? Will be in Eronum. And maybe then some. There's more about this in the game guide.

WHO'S THIS OVERSEER DUDE? Getting a little ahead of yourself, huh? So far the only information available is that he runs the show in Eronum and people seem a little nervous to talk about him. You'll want to watch for tidbits and updates as the game progresses.

CHARACTERS CAN GET JOBS? Yes! On the locations post, there is information about the various places in town and whether they're hiring, who's already working there, what the pay is like, and all that. Just leave a comment on that entry with the short job application form filled out and a mod will approve it!

CAN CHARACTERS PURCHASE THEIR OWN...... Cars? Yes. Housing? Yes. Pets? Sure, why not. Pogo sticks? Go for it! This is pretty much like real life only without the excruciating detail and shitty economy lol, so anything you can get in the real world is available to your characters here. Once your character moves out of the hotel and gets their own place, you can comment on the locations post with the housing form filled out, and a mod will approve it! Make sure you check with other people first before you move your characters in with them, if you plan on sharing a house (not applicable to same-apartment buildings and such, unless you... want to share the actual apartment... room... 8|).

CAN MY CHARACTER ALREADY HAVE A HOUSE/JOB/WHATEVER WHEN THE GAME STARTS? Nnnnope. This isn't an AU; all the characters you'll apply for will be new to and unfamiliar with Eronum. For such a popular vacation spot, it might strike them as odd that they'd never heard about it or anything before, but otherwise? Everyone's gotta start from scratch. Don't worry, though. It's not difficult to build yourself up quickly.

WHAT IS THE CURRENCY IN ERONUM? The currency is called Ors Eronum, or just Ors. To keep things on the simple side, assume it has the same value as the American dollar. It is represented by both coins and paper money.

Have a question? Feel free to ask it here and we'll get back to you right away!
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