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You just got an invitation to "Eronum," a big, beautiful city with all the space for people and accommodations you could ever wish for. Whether you choose to go or not, you'll be there soon, rest assured. However, after staying for a short time, you return to the train station - the only way in and out of town - only to find that the train has broken down, or crashed, or something like that, somewhere that is not here and therefore cannot return to take people out of the city, or into it. After being reassured, given a free laptop with a Networking program installed (sweet!) and directed toward a hotel that has offered to lodge the unfortunate guests for a short time at a reduced fee, you are left alone, dejected, to explore.

The fact of the matter is, those damn city officials were lying their heads off. How could the train be broken when people are coming and going all the time? You've been watching! You're an ace at paying attention! That guy wasn't here yesterday, and so-and-so is not here today! But there's no way to prove it. No matter how long you stake out the train station, you never see one arrive, and yet there are new people there all the time, confused and trapped, just like you. The cityfolk say they come from different worlds, or something like that, but that's just a rumor. There is a train, and it's bringing people into the city on behalf of who ever was sending those post cards out.

And then trapped them in the city.

It seems there is one thing the people of the city are exceptionally tight-lipped about, and that's the governmental system they have established. Try as you might, you just can't get very much out of even the friendliest local. Just something about an "Overseer," who the people all seem to respect (and, you suspect, maybe fear a little). This "Overseer" apparently runs the show, but that's about all you can discern. Nobody will say where you can find this person, nor where to write to them or call them. Tough luck, buddy. Might as well go hit the casino again until someone sorts this shit out.

If anyone ever does.

ALRIGHT, SO... WHERE DO I START? WHAT'S GOING ON? Alright, so. When you begin playing, you've got options here. Your character has been misled by the postcard they received; this isn't really a vacation. It's not really a mission. It's not really urgent. It's not really whatever the postcard said it was (and whatever the postcard said is tailored to each character, more or less, so that's your cue to get creative!). Either that, or your character decided they were going to ignore the post card. In that event, they fell asleep and woke up on the train already heading to Eronum. How they got on it is anyone's guess, but there they are.

It's safe to say that your character will have already gotten off the train by the time you do your first post, and perhaps spent some time wandering about. You may choose to have your first entry be an "accidental" recording on the Logos (sometimes these things happen, you know) with them speaking to the city officials about leaving, or maybe just making an entry as a sort of investigative gesture. You're also free to post a log about it, if you'd rather! Then again, you can start from however far from this point as you please. Have your character already be exploring, or maybe checking things out again. Or putting out a call for help!

But suffice it to say that, regardless of your character's abilities or inclinations, there won't be any leaving Eronum. If your character can fly or teleport, they'll hit a barrier and wind up sprawling on the street. Which might be bad considering, you know, city traffic and all that. There's no persuading anyone in town to help you, and if you pitch a fit with weapons or powers, there's a good chance you'll be arrested. Play it out however you want! Be creative.

WHAT ELSE IS THERE TO DO? All kinds of things. Jobs are available, there's a hotel housing foreigners for a week after they arrive, and if you thought to bring money, there's a whole wonderland of shopping and dicking off to do! It's a city, baby, go crazy with it. There's also a mystery to unravel, so maybe you'd like to have a Scooby Snack and try to figure out what in the hell's going on.

When your character tries to leave the city, the officials inform them that the train is dead and here, have a free laptop for no inexplicable reason. This may seem like a bribe to you - and maybe it is, but this is also your archetypal "universal communication device" for Eronum. Although other devices like laptops, cell phones, game systems and the like are available for public purchase (and of course there are things like pay phones and library computers), the laptop you get from the official at the train station is particularly special. It comes installed with The Logos System, or just Logos, a networking program that allows you to communicate with anyone else who has access to the program. The locals of Eronum don't have this program and can't get it (unless you give it to them, but why would you go and do something like that), effectively making it a way for the foreigners to collectively complain about being trapped in this place until they get to go home! Awesome, huh?


The device looks like this and comes with a headset, portable printer, and case. In addition to the Logos System, it also has a word processor, music player, internet, games (fuck yeah solitaire!), and some pretty badass specs. It is not invincible or waterproof, so you might want to be careful with this baby. The city officials won't be too willing to replace it - at least not for cheap. There are also instructions provided for the technologically inept or ignorant, as well as details about how to access Logos and the other fabulous features it contains. You can find information about the city (just what the city officials want you to know, though), such as where jobs are available, maps that seem strangely incomplete, status on train repairs - otherwise known as false hope right at your fingertips - and a tracking device for the stalker on the go.

And it doesn't stop there! The functions for the Logos system are pretty vast, too. There is, of course, a text function, and also voice if you use your headset. The built-in camera allows not only a video function, but also allows you to send holographic images of yourself. Badass. Of course, the holograph function only works if you are speaking one-on-one with someone, so public, unfiltered posts or comments cannot show holographs. But it's still badass. Additionally, all conversations, be they texted, spoken, or video'd, are all logged, so that you can link posts or comment chains to people as you please. This system is easy to use: just push one of four buttons, and bam, there you go. No fuss.

There may be other things it can do, too, but you won't find them in the manual. In fact, you may not find them at all. They'll find you.

There is a police department in Eronum: the Eronum City Police Department, or ECPD. As far as police forces go, they're pretty well-organized, well-trained, disciplined, and not at all like the LAPD well-liked by the locals. Patrols typically run along the streets, most thickly in the Upper and Shopping districts. There is also a startling number of officers stationed at the Restricted district, and those ones aren't quite as friendly or amiable as the ones that hang out at the doughnut and coffee shops.

Strangely, the police force seem almost completely absent at night. There are a few patrol cars and officers on duty, but for some reason they don't seem to be quite as on top of things after dark as they do during the day. Most of the little crime that does happen in Eronum occurs at night, in the poorer areas of the Middle district and some areas in the Shopping district, and rarely are the perpetrators caught. Wonder why that is...

CAN MY CHARACTER JOIN THE POLICE FORCE? Sure! They're always taking new recruits. Your character might get stuck with deskwork at first, depending, but either way, you can apply for them to be on the force on the locations post.

CAN CHARACTERS GO TO JAIL? WHAT HAPPENS THEN? If your character does some crazy-ass shit and causes a big enough scene, or does something bad enough to warrant it, yes, they can go to prison. Your character will be restrained, shoved in a cruiser, and hauled off to the station, where they'll strip you of your possessions, including the Logos device, and shove you in a cell. Prison rape then ensues. --I mean wait, no. Just kidding. Totally kidding. ...

Anyway, your character can be there for... as long as you want them to be there. It's a great excuse if you happen to need to go on hiatus! Your character can receive visitors if you want, whatever. It's nothing too big. When you want your character to be released from jail, it's safe to assume that they were simply let out on account of being a foreigner to the town. Someone gave the authoritative order that all foreigners shall receive light sentences or punishments or something, for some reason or another, so you'll be let out, no questions asked (although you may end up with a fine). There's no process you need to go through to work this out - just play it by ear and ask a mod if you're unsure.


There are both news stations and a daily newspaper in Eronum. Newspapers are available just about anywhere and don't cost anything, and if you request it you can have them delivered straight to your home. The newspaper has all the usual stuff: business, vacation, entertainment, all that good crap. You might notice, however, that there really is nothing about anything outside of Eronum. No world news. No economical references. Nothing. Nothing about someplace from your world, or someone else's world, or anything at all. Very peculiar.

The same goes for the TV news broadcasts. Nothing about anything outside of Eronum. It doesn't even say what state or country or planet Eronum is in. Weird, right? Oh well. Maybe you can ask someone - not that it'll get you any answers.
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